iBird Pro Guide to Birds App Reviews

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A good reason to buy an iphone. More birds please !

Fantastic app!

Highly recommended

Great app

Easy to use, recordings are usually of great quality. Improvement needed: to add sounds for some birds for which there are none

Expensive but comprehensive

Fulfills all your bird encyclopedic needs. Comprehensive search, precise drawings and real life photography helps to rapidly and easily identify your spotted species. Expensive though.

Best Bird APP.

You cant expect much more from a digital birding experience. Photos, drawings , sounds . All lot of useful information about the birds. So far the best birding app. Micky

Essential App for Birders

Great app for every type of birder. If you have a portable device that supports iBird this is a must have.

Well it looks nice

Looks really nice but all my favorites are gone! I favorited over 100 species that I have seen and photographed. What a pain to go back and select them again.

Loop audio playback

Great app!! But please have the audio of a bird loop continuously and still play even while the screen shuts off. Update erases my favorites!! Boo this man!! Thanks

Love the app, loathe the new black background

This is a wonderful, 5-star app -- or at least it would be if the developers hadnt decided to get fancy and put white text on black background and make it near-unreadable! Any designer or typesetter could have told you that reverse text is extremely difficult on the eyes.

Great for Bird Nerds

Very Comprehensive. Use it all the time. :)

For the love of birding

Its so much easier to properly identify birds with this app than any reference book. Period. A lot of thought went into this app, and its worth every penny.

Depend on it

I love being able to leave my books in the car. This app is the single reason I switched from Blackberry to iPhone. All my birder friends were using it in the field.

Great app but some drawings very inaccurate

Many drawings look as if they had been drawn by little children. Has anyone ever seen a Hoary redpoll, a Cliff swallow, a Pine Grosbeak or a Saw-Whet owl that look like this? Hurry up to standardize all drawings to an acceptable quality in the next update! Otherwise, good app.

All synced again!

I have been using this app for awhile as a beginning birder and loving it. I had some problems after the big update and have just got them all solved thanks to the great email support they provided. I was really impressed and happy to have everything syncing nicely again. Thank you Bigfoot!

Excellent App

Love the pictures. Helped to identify our birds.

Fabulous App!!

Incredibly comprehensive. A must have for "Birders" young and old. Use it all the time. Dont leave home without it!


This app is about as intuitive as an income tax form!


Thats a very useful apps!

1.04GB is too much

This app is lovely, and Ive sacrificed having other apps and/or music & video on my phone for it, but I cannot install an update that is *over 1GB* no matter how many new bird songs or fancy drawings there are! This is a mobile app, (remember that lots of iPhones are 16GB?) and at this point, I suggest to the developers that they either find a better way to compress the size of the code, or segment the app into downloadable geographic areas. Im going to try to avoid updating for as long as I can, but if it becomes a hassle, I will delete the app I paid for rather than lose functionality of my mobile device. Please let me know when theres a more streamlined update available.

Wont insert location

Ive had this app for a few years and really like it, but lately it wont insert the location when you spot a bird, which is quite annoying.

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