iBird Pro Guide to Birds App Reviews

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Fantastic birders app

Excellent for identifying birds and excellent bird song clips. Not to be without-Highly Recommended!!!


Worth it. My go to app for birding, especially for song.


I have many apps and this is my first review, that is how enthusiastic I am. While I am only a "backyard" birder, this app allows me great proficiency in bird identification. It even allows me to summon birds with the available sounds. Yes, I am now the bird whisperer! Get this app


I have used a lot of apps but this one is tops. Very easy to use and the detail provided on each species is very professional. This is my favorite tool in my kit while Birding.

IBird Pro

Excellent program! Very complete and helpful.

The best

Love this App. If your a wild life photographer it is a must have.

Fantastic App

Love this app!

Absolutely the Most Awesome

This has been a really awesome resource to have - really helpful at identifying a bird you just saw, and even enticing others with some sound samples. Very cool, very fun.

Search is awkward.

Search is hard to use. It seems awkward and hard to understand. The main concern is that Search settings dont seem to stick when you change them. For example, I will remove large bird categories from the search settings and the next time I go to use iBird, the large bird settings are turned back on again.

A Must-Have For All Birders..

This awesome app has been on my phone for several years now. It just keeps getting better. It is easy to use and easy to narrow down searches. I mark everything Ive ever seen in "Favorites". I have so much fun collecting birds.. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!!

My Goto app for identification

Use this app any time I need to verify or learn more about a particular bird.

Awesome birding app

A wealth of information at your fingertips across all your devices. Great in the field rather than lugging your field guide. Easy to browse, or to burrow down on a specific bird.

Good but takes up too much space

Good app, but it takes up A LOT of space.

Great app!

Of the five birding apps on my phone and pad, this is my favorite and I use it most often.

Very useful!

I use it in the field to verify songs I hear. Photo are great for plumage variations. Easier than field guides.


Super app. Amazingly full featured.

ibird Pro

Thanks. I use it all the time and just love it.

Use it all the time

Im a professional biologist, and I use this all the time in the field. I especially like to use it to confirm bird calls that I hear when Im in dense vegetation and have no chance of seeing the bird (although, I live in California, and a lot of the species that are found nationwide have recordings from only a state or two on the east coast! Itd be great to increase the diversity of recordings). I frequently find illustrations to be misleading in visually identifying birds, so I also appreciate that the app includes photos. Also a lot easier to use that trying to fish my field guide out of the bottom of my pack.

Fabulous app!

I use iBird Pro every single day. I love the illustrations and the other information included in the app. The photos are great, as well and a good supplement to the artists drawings. I would be lost without this app. It has helped me ID hundreds of birds I wouldnt have identified otherwise. I learn something new every time I open iBird Pro.

Replaced my field guide

This app is everything I was looking for. I no longer have to carry a heavy field guide with me when I go birding. The fact I can search for birds, and use the sound recordings to attract them to me is incredible.

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